"The 5 Shifts my Divorced Working Mum Clients Use To Ensure Conflict-Free Co-Parenting, Control Of Their Work and Wealth, Time For Their Children, And A Heart Open to Love Again.”
Even if their confidence is shaky, their ex is controlling, and they haven’t worked full-time in over 10 years.

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In this 45-minute masterclass you'll discover: 

  • Why being single for now is a chapter where YOU get to play the hero, and how my clients use that power to take control of their home, their sanity, their career, and their parenting, even if they've struggled in those areas for years.

  • The simple systems my resourceful working mum clients use  to design conflict-free households where they and their children can live, eat, sleep and entertain with calmness and confidence, and without walking on egg-shells. 

  • The secret that every busy career mum must know, to ensure that her mental and emotional spare capacity is always 100%, and how to ring-fence her 'me time', so that children, family, colleagues and clients get the best possible version of her.

  • How to 'plan like a pro' so your ex is clear of the routines and boundaries that keep the children’s school life, social life, commitments and free time in steady balance, without any arguments or annoying last-minute re-schedules. 

  • AND … how they do ALL of this while building self-confidence, self-compassion and gratefulness, and celebrating this divorce chapter as the catalyst that woke them up to ALL that their life could be and ALL that they can now contribute to the world.

Presented By:
Jennifer Broadley

Jennifer Broadley is an trained executive coach and a qualified psychotherapist with a busy private practice.

She specialises in working with corporate and business-owning mums who want full and fast emotional, mental and spiritual recovery after divorce. 

Her clients become no-messing co-parents, build rock-solid self-esteem, and cultivate a confidence in their future which inspires peace-of-mind in their children.